AAAARPOA 2 is the second RP (technically, third, though of a different world and completely new cast of characters) in the AAAARPOA universe.

This time around, the world is in the world of the living, set in an alternate history: In this world, magical and fairy-tale creatures truly existed and have had relations with humans, resulting in non-human hybrids - consequently, those who are in possession of DNA related to such creatres are colloquially called "NHs" or Non-Humans.

As is common with humanity, those who are not fully human and thus different from the majority of the world are often looked down upon and mistreated for their heritage. This is possibly due in part to an NH's partial (in rare cases, full) retention of his or her ancestors' magical abilities.

There are some hybrids, like humans combined with witch, siren, or harpy, who are able to blend easily into human society without much notice, if any at all. Still, there are others, such as a combination of dragon, minotaur, wisp, or satyr, who might not as easily blend in. They have thus created a sort of underground society where they plot and sometime rebel against humankind, though not all are hostile; most simply wish to live peacefully, away from the threatening gaze of humans.