Elliot is one of the player-characters in AAAARPOA. He is initially a Trialite , and later, Head Sage . Elliot is somewhat of an anomaly in his post-mortem world, as he possesses two extremely rare abilities: rune manipulation and summoning.

Physical Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Elliot is described as being somewhat tall, around 5'11, with short, dark brown hair, which he likes to style with gel. He is fair-skinned and slender with lean muscle. He is usually seen with his brow furrowed either in contemplation or a frown of disapproval.

Elliot is a person who would prefer to carefully assess a situation before plunging in headfirst. This has allowed him to avoid danger and catastrophe on numerous occasions, both during his time alive and after. He takes whichever path will cause the least amount of harm to himself and those he cares about; however, he does understand that sacrifices must be made to advance.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • As the Sage of his Trial, Elliot's power comes from his innate understanding of the things around him. After his death, this understanding is magnified exponentially and Elliot is able to manipulate reality through the use of runes, an ability exceedingly uncommon even for Sages.
  • Elliot is a very good strategist, able to assess a battlefield quickly and accurately. This ability can be dampered, however, when he is undergoing emotional upheaval, which may lead to him carelessly ambushing the target of his malheur (if an enemy is to blame), or withdrawing completely from those around him.
  • When he's married to Cecilia, Elliot shares a telepathic link with her. He also shares a limited form of this ability with their daughter, Angelica.
  • Elliot is a proficient Summoner. This ability allows him to call forth any post-mortem world or -Trial being who has pledged to allow their very bodies to be used as weapons. This ability was granted somewhat prematurely by Amaya, who saw that his Trial was stacked unfairly against him. Despite his possession of (and talent with) this rare ability, Elliot would prefer to use his runes in battle, only calling a Summon when he needs his or her particular power.


Elliot's weapon, discovered during his Trial, is that of a staff inscribed with various runes. He learns to whirl his staff in a moderately-effective manner, able to combat smaller beasts without drawing on any other power, though tougher shadowlings are largely unaffected by his weapon. The staff can be pulled into two pieces, revealing a hidden short-sword within, though Elliot is far less proficient with this.


During His TrialEdit


  • Cecilia is the only character that Elliot met during the actual narrative of the RP before his death. Whether this was coincidence or not has yet to be discovered. Though not the type to admit it, Elliot had an almost immediate connection with Cecilia; he was attracted to her calm and somewhat-collected demeanor, as well as her similar battle-stance of assessing the field. He prized her abilities as a Seer. After the defeat of [insert name of whatever the hell that beast was called here], Cecilia and Elliot were separated as they each began their own trial-within-a-trial. He affectionately called her, "Cessy." After their marriage, they conceived and birthed a girl, Angelica.


  • David was the only person prior to the Trial with whom Elliot was well-acquainted. They were childhood friends, but as the years passed and they took different paths with their lives, David's circle of friends considered Elliot somewhat of an outsider; David did not do much to prevent them from harrassing Elliot, even joining in on occassion. Though David has expressed remorse for his childhood activities and the loss of his once-best-friend, Elliot still harbors some resentment towards him. Elliot does trust David, however, with important activites, and often assigned him guardian duties.


  • Elliot did not meet Shawn until after the commencement of the Trial. He values the boy's powers and fighting prowess, though the two never interacted on an in-depth basis. Elliot is more prone to assigning David, whom he dislikes, to important tasks; Shawn, he will assign basic activites.


  • Elliot harbors a kind of elder-brother bond for Brooke, mostly due to the manner of her death, her relative inexperience in life, and the unfairness of her part in the Trial. Whenever possible, Elliot will attempt to prevent Brooke from joining a dangerous fray; if she must, he ensures that she is in the safest location possible.


  • Elliot and Loren harbor something of a love-hate relationship: The two care for each other out of familiarity, but in general don't like each other. While Elliot will carefully plan, Loren would prefer to take a plunge, which can lead to her completely ignoring his instructions for her in battle or otherwise.

After His TrialEdit


  • Elliot and Cecilia have married and produced a child, Angelica. They live together in private quarters in the Castle. Elliot constantly worries for his family's safety, and is usually aware when Cecilia is withholding important information.


  • Though Elliot still harbors resentment towards David, he has accepted David as his personal guardian and later, Angelica's sole protector. Their conversation are generally more civil in nature than during the Trial; the two have even shared a joke or two.


  • Shawn was not placed into ranks as high as Elliot and Cecilia, so their interactions have severely decreased post-Trial. Elliot approves of Shawn's work and has stood up for him against General Darscht on more than one ocassion.


  • Elliot's interactions with Brooke are not infrequent, but fleeting: Brooke's position within the Castle prevents her from staying too long. He had sensed something off about her behavior, but more often than not attributes it to the bulk of her existence and experiences having taken place after her death.


  • Elliot and Loren have rarely spoken since the end of their Trial, as Loren prefers to be left to her solitude. Elliot is able to obtain sparse information about her whenever she is holding her Trial weapon via the runes on the weapon.


  • Angelica is Elliot's daughter, and as such, he has a strong emotional and loving bond to her. Not the sort to openly express his feelings, Elliot attempts to demonstrate his affection for Angelica by teaching her basic runology (with which she is intially only mildly talented; even Jenna's ability to use runes could be described as far superior). Angelica never seems to doubt Elliot's care for her.


  • Jenna was to be Elliot's apprentice upon completion of her Trial, but they were never able to commence the lessons, as Jenna vanished shortly after the Shadow Lord's attack on the ballroom.


  • The only time Elliot has had direct communication with Gary was when Elliot delegated assignments within the Castle. As the Head Sage, Elliot was able to monitor Gary's progress throughout his Trial and was not at all impressed; it's strongly implied that Elliot fought against even having Gary participate in the Trial. They exchanged harsh words when Gary was displeased with his assignment, and Elliot was quick to dole out punishment. They have not interacted since then.


  • Elliot is put off by Dominic's nature and is threatened by him when he is within charming-range of Cecilia. Alone, Elliot respects Dominic's battle technique and similar penchant for strategy.


  • Elliot reaches almost peak-power when he summons Millie (who was made an impromptu Summon during the attack of the ballroom), as her ability to control light is greatly amplified and placed largely under his control. He has not had any lengthy encounter with her when she is not in her Summon form, but she his, by far, one of his favorites.