Emeric is a player-character in AAAARPOA 2 . He is a seventeen-year-old senior in high school and NH. His ancestry is that of Witchers. His father, Mayoral-candidate Jeremy Schwartz, is also a Witcher.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Emeric is slightly over average height for his age, and possesses a lean atheltic build from his days on the soccer and swim teams. He has dark hair and green eyes. Elliot's signature attire is a hoodie which he wears to slip blend in easier out in public (with hood drawn): his father is well-known for controversial issues regarding NH rights.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

With Witcher as his ancestry, Emeric will possess some inherent qualities of such creatures. The extent of this, however, has yet to be fully discovered. To date, Emeric has only performed a small ritual to grow grass at an extended rate, simply to verify his concerns that he might be NH. Once he discovered it to be true, he has done everything in his power not to activate any latent abilities.


  • Jeremy Schwartz - Emeric is on good terms with his father, though he tries not to be see in public with him for fear that his face will become too well-known, a concept his father fully understands. Emeric is not aware that his father is a Witcher.
  • Helen Schwartz - Helen is Emeric's mother, with whom he is also on good terms. She often coddles him out of fear for his safety. Emeric appreciates the gestures, but has long since felt his need for his mother's constant affection has expired.