A Trialite is any person who is experiencing, or has experienced, the Trial .

Selection ProcessEdit

When it is determined that a new Trial must begin, there must, naturally, be worthy individuals chosen to undergo the Trial. The selection process consists of three stages:

  • Selections by Head Sage and Head Seer:
    • The Heads Sage and Seer return to the world of the living and seek out potential candidates for the Trial. Once they have gathered a list (often lengthy) of names, they present the list to the Summon Chairs.
  • Filtering by Summon Chairs
    • The Summon Chairs are responsible for determining the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed candidates and for pinpointing potential Summons. They are also responsible for sorting their final choices into potential roles.
  • Final selection by Head Summon
    • The Head Summon collects the lists of Trial candidates (with two or three remaining for each role) and makes his or her final decision. If the Head Summon determines that there is a Summon-to-be within her final set of choices, he or she will then set up a specific ordeal to test the potential Summon within the Trial, isolating the strengths of the individual.

Trialite QualitiesEdit

Any Trialite has been nominated by the Heads Sage and Seer; therefore, it is up to them to determine whether or not a person will be a good candidate for the Trial. They walk amongst the mortals and observe as they engage in harrowing tasks or overcome otherwise insurmountable grief. Possessing deep knowledge of the Trial and its varying tribulations, the Heads will know who would work together best in a team and will probably have some idea which role a person would be assigned. Sometimes there have been deviations from this plan, such as when Martin pressed for Brooke to be recruited and when Gary was a last-minute replacement due to the favorite's unplanned death.